API economy


The API Economy Playbook

Driving Business Value with Secure, Self-Service Digital Capabilities

The modern API economy is here. Consumers today demand more from their digital experiences. From the need to keep retail inventory information up to date for buy online/pick up in-store, to providing access to real-time patient data for telehealth appointments, enterprises must design experiences that are able to keep pace with evolving end-user preferences. With productized APIs, organizations can realize limitless possibilities through the democratization of software and accelerated delivery.

Our API Economy Playbook demonstrates how productized APIs can deliver simple, flexible, intuitive, and secure experiences that achieve true consumer independence. Learn how effective API product management, governance, and security can help organizations satisfy emerging business needs and keep up with consumer demands for real-time data and frictionless experiences.

API economy

Download the API Economy Playbook and discover:

  • How API productization can align your APIs with the purpose and value your customer is trying to derive.
  • Why API governance leads to faster outcomes and greater value.
  • The methods and tactics behind defending your organization against an API attack.