3 Ways to Modernize Banking and Financial Services CX Journeys

Modernize Banking

Banking is transitioning to a new era. Digital and traditional banking methods are blended, operational efficiency is table stakes, and customers have higher expectations than ever before. However, many banking and financial services companies are falling short on  how to modernize banking to deliver on expectations for modern banking experiences.

In general, financial services brands are lagging behind other industries when it comes to adopting CX technology advancements—and keeping pace with improvements to the technologies they do have in place. As a result, customers often have more frustrating and difficult experiences with their banks than other sectors.

In this paper, we take a deep dive on what banking and financial services companies can do to address these challenges and modernize banking by examining:

  • How to shift to a customer-centric approach to CX technology adoption
  • Focus areas to help better manage call volume, reduce costs, and improve CX
  • Common causes of higher human-assisted interactions
  • Benchmark data of the current state of CX in banking and financial services