Metacognition and Critical Thinking in Trust and Safety 


Metacognition and Critical Thinking in Trust and Safety 

Metacognition Strategies for Improved Performance

The digital economy is in a state of hyperscale, with growing social media platforms, gaming communities, startups, and new economy marketplaces with cryptocurrency—all on a trajectory to become the next tech giants. As the digital space continues to grow, so does the need for jurisdiction and moderation—and the concern around user safety and protection of privacy becomes paramount. 

In their content moderation roles, trust and safety experts are constantly exposed to content that can be violent, abusive, racist, and pornographic. There’s no doubt that this work involves heavy cognitive and emotional load. 

In this study, we uncover the role of metacognition and critical thinking in successful job performance and wellbeing of trust and safety experts. It paves a way to identify development opportunities, training needs, and how to establish coaching practices within the day-to-day operational environment. 

Metacognition and Critical Thinking in Trust and Safety 

Key Takeaways:

Download our report to discover what’s needed to train, coach, and manage your trust and safety teams, including: 

  • Why you should upgrade the hiring process with metacognition and critical thinking 
  • How deploying metacognition strategies and critical thinking can improve performance and wellbeing 
  • How to increase operational support with feedback and interactive learning techniques 

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