Exceptional CX with Technology for Advisors

Exceptional CX requires more than just digital self-service technology for customers. Enabling advisors and empowering them with digital-first solutions will elevate the conversation and transform the customer experience.

Not all customer inquiries can be contained in digital channels—some conversations require an advisor. When this occurs, customers are often already frustrated. Advisors who aren’t able to quickly identify the customer’s need, access information, and solve their problem in a timely manner will likely increase the customer’s frustration, leading to a poor experience.

Enabling advisors with digital-first technology that connects data across the entire company from all channels allows for personalization and a speedy resolution of customer problems.

Our infographic illustrates the primary concerns of today’s customer and offers a view into how technology for advisors can foster better CX.

Better Together: Concentrix and Webhelp are now one company — global CX leader, with an expanded breadth of digital capabilities, high-value services, and generative AI solutions.
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