Fact Sheet

ConcentrixCX Survey Builder

Building Surveys with ConcentrixCX: Intuitive, Efficient, Effective

Building surveys to capture customer feedback seems easy enough when you execute your voice of the customer program. Just use a fully DIY survey tool and start collecting data. 

Not so fast. Not so easy. While DIY survey tools enable full, end-to-end control, these tools are not so DIY-easy. Deploying a survey that delivers actionable insights can quickly feel overwhelming—and quickly drain time and bandwidth.  

A helping hand, like ConcentrixCX Survey Builder tool, makes customization intuitive and leverages a team of customer experience experts to ensure your surveys are efficient and effective.  

Download our fact sheet to see how our proprietary tool can help you build surveys for your specific requirements, with the efficient delivery of the customer feedback you need for actionable insights.  

ConcentrixCX Survey Builder will ensure you deliver on the survey metrics that matter—survey completion rate, bounce rate, etc.—and that you employ survey design best practices to ensure success. 


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