Build vs. Buy: Should You Hire a Partner to Improve Sales Performance?

Build Vs Buy

We can just automate processes for our lower-tiered customers. We just don’t outsource. We can build it better internally. It’s cheaper if we build it in-house. The question of build vs buy is a difficult one for companies to navigate, but Concentrix can help.

Download our Build vs Buy fact sheet and discover how:

  • Our complimentary Sales Performance Analysis (SPA) delivers deep insights into your team’s historical performance
  • Our global resources and proven processes convert marketing-qualified leads to sales-qualified leads
  • Our robust team of data scientists provides better control over your data
  • Our High-Performance Sales Methodology provides enables you to capture every opportunity
  • Our personalized outreach ensures customer’s unique needs are addressed, documented, and remedied
Better Together: Concentrix and Webhelp are now one company — global CX leader, with an expanded breadth of digital capabilities, high-value services, and generative AI solutions.
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