Mobile App Design Engages Over 3 Million Active Users Each Week

Mobile app engages over 3 million active users each week

A large international telecommunications firm had released a mobile app that rewarded loyal customers with free products and a chance to win fun prizes. The company partnered with several iconic brands, including leading fast-food chains, a ride-sharing service, and movie ticket providers, to offer its customers freebies. With a strong brand identity of its own, the telecom needed a sleek, engaging mobile app design that set the tone for style as well usability.


A year after the app’s launch, the company had gathered extensive feedback from customers, internal users, and partners. The telecom turned to Concentrix Catalyst for help redesigning the app to address evolving customer pain points, business objectives, and stakeholder input, and also to streamline manual processes that were resulting in errors. Of paramount importance was improving the app’s availability – the telecom’s servers often couldn’t handle the load from incoming traffic.


Catalyst worked closely with the telecom’s teams and vendors to deliver an easy-to-use, visually appealing app with zero downtime. The project, which was completed in less than six months and made it easier for users to redeem prizes. An updated user interface and gameplay greatly improved the user experience, and back-end improvements increased the app’s responsiveness and eliminated downtime. We also implemented robotic integrity checks into the process, eliminating the time needed for the app team to uncover and fix errors. The result was a more responsive interface with just-in-time code assignments that enabled speed and flexibility.


Catalyst also provided follow-up support, helping ensure the success of a mobile app that has gifted customers more than $900 million of free stuff and discounts, giving the telecom’s customers even more reasons to continue renewing their subscriptions. The app has gone to be recognized throughout the industry as a trendsetting driver of customer loyalty.

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