Shifting from traditional service models to automated digital channels to better serve air travel customers at scale amid rapid growth.

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Find out how we helped a low-cost legacy airline from Latin America adopt automated digital tools for better efficiency and improved customer experience (CX).



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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the airline mainly depended on voice communication for customer service, while its limited chatbot managed only a fraction of queries effectively.

The pandemic’s eventual end caused a spike in customer interactions, resulting in prolonged wait times. Budget restrictions further strained the service, with customers often waiting hours for assistance.

Our client needed to transition to digital tools to boost efficiency and regain customer satisfaction, so we helped pioneer its digital transformation journey.

Our game-changing approach

We introduced a holistic solution to elevate the quality of customer interactions and service in three pivotal areas

Automation and enhanced self-service

We integrated a sophisticated chatbot trained on 85+ processes and 4,000 frequent inquiries, successfully managing half a million transactions monthly. A digital widget was also introduced on the airline’s webpage, offering clients a smooth toggle between the site and a WhatsApp chat, setting the groundwork for the airline’s digital evolution.

Streamlined digital channel access

By leveraging an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) deflection strategy, customers were motivated to shift from voice to chat with the promise of faster service speed. This move directed over 30% of voice interactions to the revamped chatbot, amplifying efficiency, cutting wait times, and servicing more customers. Within half a year, the chatbot’s customer handling capacity increased tenfold compared to the former system.

Comprehensive end-to-end service

We introduced a payment link to ensure easy transactions and high levels of security, empowering the chatbot to collect card details and process payments. The tool maximizes customer convenience while ensuring data safety, eliminating the direct exchange of sensitive data during chats.



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