Doubling Membership for a Retail Customer Loyalty Program is in Fashion
retail customer loyalty

The client is a leading fashion retailer, passionate about what’s next and providing the best possible care to customers, with over 370 stores in 40 U.S. states and Canada, as well as 96 countries online.


Concentrix was tasked to help the client evaluate opportunities to reach a younger customer segment and bolster future growth in a changing retail landscape.


We established a methodology to assess the existing customer loyalty and customer rewards program to identify opportunities to acquire and retain target segments. We worked across business and technology teams to identify key levers that enable accelerated engagement across the Rewards Program lifecycle. We then worked to modify the Rewards Program experience to suit the shopping patterns and behavior of the millennial segment.

The analysis incorporated all channels (in-store and online) for fit with desired customer experience and the client’s long-term retail customer loyalty and retention strategy.


This strategy paid off for the client. Just 7 months after launching, the refreshed retail customer loyalty program more than doubled its membership, and 50% of the total 7.8 million rewards members had joined through the newly offered non-tender program.

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