Leading US Broadband Company Goes Remote with Virtual Big Room Planning

big room planning

A leading US broadband connectivity company and cable operator serving more than 29 million customers in 41 states holds quarterly in-person agile planning meetings, bringing together cross-functional teams to align on goals and vision. Once the pandemic hit, however, it was no longer possible to fly teams in from across the country to partake in a 2-day in-person planning session.


Replicating successful in-person Big Room Planning sessions in a remote work environment required both an innovative mindset and new tools that could keep a WFH audience engaged. The organization turned to Concentrix Catalyst to help them create a virtual and efficient event for agile quarterly planning. By leveraging our experience in facilitating agile planning, Catalyst created a space where business and technology could continue to synchronize and work on quarterly goals while increasing collaboration to bring value to their customers.


Catalyst developed a virtual Big Room Planning tailored to the needs of the company. This remote two-day “all hands” (business, product, and tech) agile event was designed to appeal to remote teams while helping them forecast and commit feature delivery work. To keep participants engaged and productive, we leveraged interactive tools, such as gamified retrospectives, virtual breakout rooms, and digital planning boards. Catalyst’s lead facilitator helped keep the teams stay on task and focused on outcomes. At the end of each day, the teams received a program board that explained all the interdependencies, features, and deliveries per release in each quarter, a survey of a confidence vote, and a retrospective to improve the planning process.


The virtual planning went so well that the organization plans on continuing to use the virtual format even after teams return to the office. They found it easy to work through the agenda in an engaging and productive matter. Catalyst’s remote Big Room Planning model also produced tactical outcomes for the broadband company, which through collaboration is better positioned to deliver on their vision for the next quarter.

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