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When the travel industry was disrupted in 2020, the airline customer service experienced significant turbulence. Contact volumes plunged by 70%, then spiked by more than 20% above the norm. With only 5% of its total volume handled digitally, this client’s advisors were overwhelmed and overbooked.  

Passports, paperwork, and customer data. Security and baggage restrictions. The cascading impact of weather and aircraft maintenance. Passenger experience is critical for any industry, but rarely is it as complex as in the travel industry. Accepting the situation as a cost of doing business was simply not an option for our client. Instead, it took the opportunity to find better ways of serving customers. They chose to engage Concentrix, a trusted partner since 2013, to navigate a route to digital transformation. 


As a strategic business partner for the client, one with a wealth of airline passenger experience, we not only understood the problem well, but we had insights into the business that kickstarted our efforts. We applied a human-centered design approach to the problem that included six key phases: 

  • Discover: We gathered an understanding of the account overview and a definition of the project’s main objectives, and performed a thorough analysis of processes, metrics, and user experience insights, leading to a definition of the project’s scope. 
  • Design: Next, we developed a prototype flow interaction for the client’s most common customer journeys and used that to define the functionalities of a customized chatbot as well as the underlying technical architecture. 
  • Define: The final step of our scope/design phase involved defining clear business cases for the project roadmap, determining the required resources, and developing a detailed value proposition for the digital transformation. 
  • Develop: Moving onto the implementation phase, we designed the look and feel of the chatbot, developed the user personas behind it, and recruited users to test the prototypes.  
  • Train: Training the chatbot extended into the operational phase of the project, with three months of continuous improvement to boost the chatbot’s level of understanding and make it ready for wide deployment. 
  • Evolve: Finally, post-deployment, we conducted a formal solution performance evaluation against the defined objectives and key performance indicators, driving continuous improvement of experience design and training. 
Avianca Flow

Of course, a digital transformation is about more than just putting a chatbot in front of users. We developed a set full of digital options to transform the complete journey experience for each customer, making it easier for them right from takeoff. The solutions we implemented included: 

  • Chatbots developed in Google Dialogflow to self-serve the most frequent requests 
  • Payment link for digital channels 
  • Digital gate for chatbots from the client’s website and mobile app 
  • Chat integration with WhatsApp, Facebook, and the client’s website 
  • IVR deflection to WhatsApp 
  • Automated email content, customized for context and available data 
Powering Up the Airline Customer Experience Testimonial

“The transformation, not only with the bot, but also with the use of IVR deflection and SAR made the passenger experience more coordinated, orientated precisely to satisfaction and allowed the customer to self-serve and receive a very good service.” 

– Client Contact Center and Customer Service Director 


With the Google Dialogflow developed chatbot trained on more than 85 processes and more than 4,000 customer intents, almost 50% of customers now prefer the chat channel. As a result, operational costs per transaction decreased by up to 25%. Highlights of the transformation’s success include: 

10X digital penetration, from 5.3% to 49.5% in just 5 months

+400K interactions contained by IVR and chatbot

95% resolution of chatbot requests

20% advisor productivity increase

+380 headcount reduction

67% savings per transaction compared to phone

As a Google Premier partner, we’re helping the world’s leading brands discover the power of digital automation. If you’re looking to bring more compelling experiences to the market faster, contact us today. 

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