RStudio Connect Provides Insights For Major Media Company

RStudio Connect provides insights for major media company

A major media and entertainment company, whose products include motion picture and television production, acquisition, and distribution, has produced more than 3500 films which have been distributed in more than 20 countries around the world.


In order to keep viewers coming back for more, streaming services have been investing in ways to present viewers with content that’s most appealing to their tastes and interests. Concentrix Catalyst’s research has shown that 62% of surveyed respondents have signed up for a streaming service with the intent to cancel after viewing a specific show or movie. In a competitive industry with a growing number of options for consumers, media companies need to extract the right data to personalize content for viewers.

Being able to determine the right selection of TV and film offerings for the right audiences would help to optimize the company’s channel mix while delivering a satisfying viewing experience for viewers and encouraging them to come back for more.


Catalyst built a publishing platform on RStudio Connect, allowing for the company’s data scientists to combine R and Python and extract detailed data from their work. Combining R and Python enables team members with expertise in each language to collaborate more effectively, increasing the amount of data that the company can use to extract insights about customer behavior. Due to the RStudio Connect adoption, the company can now run on eight servers instead of three, storing more data than it previously could have stored. In addition, the team now has more data scientists using the platform than in the past and has grown into two teams instead of one, with the ability to add more in the future.


With this solution, the company can now make decisions about what content to suggest to viewers, through AI, based on their viewing history and preferences. More broadly, the company can also make decisions on what to make available and license to distributors in different parts of the world.

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