Loyalty Program Refresh For Major Shoe Retailer

Loyalty program refresh for major shoe retailer


With over 500 stores in the United States and an e-commerce website, one of the world’s biggest shoe retailers was seeking to refresh an aging loyalty program. Their once cutting edge loyalty program, now 20-years-old, needed to be reinvented for a digital world. Through a revamped customer loyalty strategy, they were seeking to launch an era of increased ROI through impactful customer experience.


Concentrix Catalyst evolved the company’s legacy loyalty program by uncovering key customer emotional loyalty drivers to develop a program that hinges on habit and email connection with members. Some of the innovative features of the new program include:

  • Shoes at your doorstep. On-demand delivery of curated shoe selections that can be rented or purchased, all with a simple membership pricing.
  • Exclusive Services. A range of member-only offerings, such as high-end and special occasion rentals, design consultations from a fashion expert, shoe maintenance and repair, as well as the ability to trade in, donate, or recycle old shoes.
  • Shoe Innovation. 3D printing technology could be leveraged for custom printed shoes that guaranteed fit using smart shoe technology.
  • Full-Service Virtual Closet. The common problem of having too many shoes for your closet was addressed through remote storage accessed via a virtual assistant.


The major shoe retailer attained positive, business-wide effects by drawing on data to reimagine customer-centricity in their loyalty program. With over 25 million members now being treated like the VIPs the company always envisioned them to be, the level of self-expression of the customer has reached new heights.

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