Fastly Reimagines Voice of Customer Program and Increases Loyalty

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increase in NPS in year one 


Prior to working with Concentrix, Fastly faced many of the common B2B challenges while using a “do-it-yourself” voice of customer program (VOC): 

  • A heavy focus on reporting and brand-level metrics—with minimal changes and improvement 
  • Issues integrating systems, creating manual effort to close the loop with at-risk clients 
  • Inability to parse out high-value accounts and prioritize action accordingly 

Fastly made the switch to Concentrix because our technology and unique B2B expertise closed all gaps and instantly elevated the program.  



Here’s what Fastly did and how you can apply these best practices to your program: 

Measuring the Real Drivers of CX 

Fastly redesigned their survey to focus on the drivers of CX for B2B—including product satisfaction, ease of use, and ease of onboarding—with Net Promoter Score® being the primary loyalty metric. 

To do this for your own company, it’s important to evaluate whether or not your surveys cover all key B2B experience drivers and key performance indicators: 

Seamless System Integrations 
Fastly’s client feedback was instantly synced with account history—which made it easy for the CEO to follow up with customers who had poor experiences. 

Integrations promote synthesis of customer intelligence within B2B organizations. To get started on this path, we recommend 2 priority integrations: CRM systems and BI tools. 

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Client Segmentation 
Fastly also segmented accounts based on product type, account value, and perceptions of the brand—resulting in tailored action plans for each account segment and playing a role in immediate acceleration of NPS. 

Approaching client segmentation can vary dramatically from one organization to another. One way to segment accounts and prioritize action using VOC results is to look at “likelihood to recommend” and “likelihood to continue the partnership,” as this may indicate a client is unhappy but feels locked into a contract. 

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“I just continue to be impressed with the partnership and ease of use of Concentrix.”
– Kim Ogletree, SVP, Client Services 


Fastly reimagined their voice of customer program (VOC) and delivered a 23.5-point increase in customer loyalty in one year. 

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