Apigee API Portal Streamlines Operations For Major Health Insurance Company
Apigee API portal streamlines operations for major health insurance company

A US-based health insurance company that provides coverage for over 20 million members and prides itself on its leadership in healthcare innovation and community wellness.

The client sells insurance plans through individual agents throughout the US, offering a convenient way for consumers to connect with sellers and purchase insurance. These product offerings include a variety of dental, vision, and medical insurance options for Medicare, individual and family, and group and small business plans. To keep their agents up to date, the client offers them a secure portal to access applications and enrollment forms, custom marketing materials, and other tools and resources.


Healthcare organizations have been embracing agile practices that reduce risk while accelerating outcomes in digital experiences. The client’s digital marketing had been performing point-to-point integrations that required a significant amount of effort. They turned to Concentrix Catalyst to transform the client’s API practice, utilizing Apigee and Concentrix Catalyst accelerators to provide higher value to their organization.


Concentrix Catalyst partnered with the client to establish a design-first API approach aligned with industry security standards and best practices. The strategy focused on consumer experience, centered on what users are trying to accomplish through creating APIs.

Concentrix Catalyst worked with the client’s product marketing and quickly determined that there was value in creating APIs to interoperate with brokers. The client’s current API approach was either through their own portal or through SOA/SOAP services. However, using the SOAP service was a significant investment due to its complexity, and there were only a small number of partners at the time who were integrated. Upon interviewing those groups, the client and Concentrix Catalyst determined that there was a high level of interest in changing this approach.

After interviewing the groups, Concentrix Catalyst designed a ready-to-use API interplay and an Apigee API portal. Since only about 10% of the API complexity from the SOA service was being used 90% of the time, Concentrix Catalyst created a common transaction that was simpler to use and aligned better with the websites of the client’s partners, with clear language on how they were to integrate.


A year after the Apigee API portal was launched, the client was able to onboard 45 partners onto their APIs using self-service, broker-to-provider integration. Previously, their API portal had been limited to onboarding only 2-3 partners. The client has realized the value of consumer-oriented APIs, and this productization has allowed the company to save time, eliminate costs, and significantly increase revenue.

Win more customers through API enablement.

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