Emergency Management Made Easier With Advanced Technology

Emergency management made easier with advanced technology

This government department creates liveable, inclusive, and sustainable communities in Victoria. It partners with other organizations in the emergency management sector, who work together to help prepare for, respond to and recover from emergency events.


Base Camp Managers (BCM) are responsible for deploying camps to service major Victorian emergency incidents to provide accommodation, food, and bathroom facilities to emergency personnel. BCM’s are inundated with paperwork and were increasingly losing important documents, missing vital details, and unable to report on the success of a Base Camp post-demobilisation.


Alongside our partner Telstra, we facilitated a two-day Hackathon sponsored by DELWP’s innovation arm. Of the five products, we identified that the role of a BCM had a significant opportunity to benefit from smarter use of technology. Undertaking an Experience Definition with past and present BCM’s Telstra and Concentrix Catalyst uncovered the many challenges and responsibilities of BCM’s. We then prototyped and built an iPad app to address these.


The iPad application is now being piloted across the Victorian fire season. Quicker establishment, smoother maintenance, and more thorough demobilization of a Base Camp have been achieved. Onboarding new BCM’s is now far quicker with significantly reduced risk thanks to the app.

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