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When this client geared up to expand into a higher market tier with a new suite of transformative products, it faced obstacles. While it had insights and an understanding of acquisition journeys across customer segments and products, it lacked single sources of truth, an understanding of customer value, and a common language across post-trial/purchase customer lifecycles.​

To enhance customer engagement, it had to bridge those gaps and break down the silos between sales, operations, client relations, and technology teams.

Concentrix was selected as the client’s customer journey optimization partner to document and align on key customer experiences and outcomes, define the stages of post-acquisition journeys, and establish a common framework across personas and journeys to inform future go-to-market opportunities.


Luckily for the client, we love tackling challenges such as these. We began by outlining the project deliverables required for the client to achieve its goal of enhancing internal team alignment and customer-centricity: 

  • Creating frameworks for personas and customer lifecycles 
  • Designing architecture and taxonomy for personas and customer journey mapping 
  • Assembling persona profiles 
  • Crafting customer journey maps

To achieve this, we leveraged our proprietary customer journey optimization methodology. This human-centric design approach melds the voice of the customer and the business into a single, actionable solution. 

Next, we carried out a thorough audit of the client’s existing state research, processes, and materials, blending the client’s collective intellect with our human-centric approach. We conducted an in-person workshop with cross-functional teams to co-develop frameworks for journeys and personas. This collaborative effort ensured the client’s teams were in sync, paving the way for significant business results. We subsequently charted two prioritized journeys by using the newly minted persona and lifecycle frameworks. 

After the workshop sessions, we conducted executive and stakeholder readouts to secure their approval and determine organizational alignment a key to implementing our recommendations. 

“On behalf of [all of us], we want to thank you for all the time and effort you put into developing the [project] deliverables. This output will help us as we move into the next phase of our multi-year vision, and we appreciate your partnership.”

Client Project Partner


Currently, following our customer journey optimization, the newly introduced frameworks have been accepted by eight teams with executive-level support. These frameworks are fostering improved cross-functional alignment, breaking down silos to drive increased customer-centricity. 

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