Axicorp Leverages Design Theory to Accelerate Client Onboarding Process

Axicorp Leverages Design Theory to Accelerate Client Onboarding Process

Axicorp is a rapidly growing online Foreign Exchange Broker with offices across Asia Pacific and Europe.


Potential clients wanting to sign up and utilize AxiCorp’s FX trading platform was faced with a lengthy and confusing onboarding process. The cumbersome process was a burden on call center staff and resulted in a high number of prospects dropping off and not completing the online registration.


Concentrix Catalyst’s Experience Definition process uncovered the key pain points of the sign-up process by speaking directly with clients and call center staff who assisted with sign-up inquiries. Utilizing our user-centered approach to design, and harnessing the flexible components of the Salesforce Communities platform, we developed an intuitive interface that streamlined the sign-up process.

“We still have the same questions and compliance measures in place, but because of the innovative design, it enabled us to significantly speed up the process.”

Simon TurnerAxiCorp CIO


The new sign-up process has reduced the time it takes to complete the onboarding process from 29 minutes to less than 13 minutes. The ease with which new clients can sign up has resulted in a 112% increase in conversions within 6 months of the site going live.

“Design theory and focusing on making it simple for the client and their journey can have a massive impact on your business.”

Simon TurnerAxiCorp CIO

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