Athletic Apparel Retailer Kicks Loyalty into High Gear
Athletic apparel retailer kicks loyalty into high gear

The client, an athletic apparel retailer known for its exclusive products and high-end athletic apparel, had multiple loyalty programs across its various banners. If a customer shopped at one brand, her loyalty points and rewards would not carry over to the other brands. Bringing together all its brands under a single loyalty program would help the retailer’s customers see the full benefits of their strong brand allegiance.


With a legacy loyalty program that relied mostly on a spend-and-earn model, the client was seeking a way to excite members with new forms of engagement. They also wanted to ensure the amount of purchases members needed to make was better aligned with the rewards they received.

By unifying their multi-brand strategy under a single loyalty program and redesigning the company’s rewards center with a wide enough scope of opportunities to redeem points and meet a variety of different customer segments, their loyalty program would find new footing to connect with customers on a personal level. The retailer turned to Concentrix Catalyst to strategically align its loyalty program across brands and with customer engagement in mind.


Concentrix Catalyst designed a program for the retailer, on the Oracle CrowdTwist platform, to be a loyalty program geared around brand connection. With activities including in-person and social media scavenger hunts, the program shifted its focus to providing fun, on-brand experiences for members, reminding them what they love about the brand. Rewards now include subscriptions to services such as Netflix, Soul Cycle, and other fitness-related activities, tailored to individuals’ interests from information they volunteer in quizzes and surveys.

Concentrix Catalyst also designed ways to engage with the program that aren’t transaction-focused, such as offering branded smartphone wallpapers. The ability for members to donate points to pre-approved nonprofit organizations is also built into the program, as well as the ability to donate points toward sweepstakes for rewards such as concert tickets, vacations to meet athletes, and gift cards. Other new opportunities to earn bonus points include points applied to any purchase during customers’ birthday month on their anniversary of joining the program.

As far as technology goes, we also built out the website experience, specifically the loyalty dashboard and improvements to the shopping cart and checkout page. Instead of having to type in a 16-digit code and then a four-digit PIN, we simplified that process with a “click to apply” button, providing a much smoother customer experience. Other customer-centric features include a member QR code ID that enables customers to quickly scan in at a retail store register, a buy online/pick up in store experience within the app, and the ability to link to specific products within the app from the brand’s email communications.


Since the rollout, app downloads and overall transactions have been steadily increasing. In conjunction with its US loyalty program, the retailer launched a loyalty program in Europe. This served as the next step toward a truly global program, allowing for points from purchases made anywhere going to one single account. Concentrix Catalyst also helped tie together over eight unique banners into a single loyalty program, so the customer could shop at any store and still be rewarded. With a focus on experiential elements, the retailer’s loyalty program positioned the brand for emotional relevance with the customer.

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