Why Our Inclusion in “The Forrester Wave™: Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Practices, Q4 2022” Is a Huge Deal 

In case you haven’t heard the buzz, Concentrix was recently recognized in “The Forrester Wave™: Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Practices, Q4 2022.” This is a huge deal! It’s the first time Forrester has recognized us in a Wave report on this topic, which is one of the most important in the CX space.  

Below, Doug Anderson, Group Strategic Solutions Director at Concentrix, gives the rundown on what this means for us, and what’s in store for our CX consulting capabilities in the future. 

Q: This report shows how we compare with other “top providers” in the industry. What was the process for us to get here?  

Doug Anderson: It’s due to two distinct areas: the expansion, evolution, and growth of capabilities in Concentrix, and the steps we’ve taken to make sure people know about that.  

In that first part, Concentrix has been invested in innovation and growth in CX for well over a decade, with significant acquisitions along the way, and this has expanded our CX strategy capabilities into a number of new areas. And then in parallel, we’ve researched and probed into what our clients, and most importantly, their customers, need across the entire CX lifecycle.  

 Now, we’ve got the superpowers to confidently help our clients design, build, and run broad, sophisticated CX solutions, at every touchpoint that customers have on their journeys. 

 Q: What is unique about our ability to blend technology development capabilities and R&D with CX strategy, both of which are mentioned in the Forrester report? 

Doug Anderson: I think our uniqueness lies in a few key areas. Firstly, we power billions of CX interactions every single day for some of the world’s largest brands. We talk about that a lot, but that real world, daily pulse of what’s going on gives us insight into what works, what doesn’t, what’s trending, and what’s new.  

Importantly, we’ve developed knowledge on what’s needed for metrics and measurement—we even use it ourselves. So when people come to us for help in that area, we’re advising not just as consultants, but from a lived experience. 

Q: The Forrester report notes that we measure culture well. Why is measurement of culture so important? 

Doug Anderson: The right culture creates the stickiness and, ultimately, the effectiveness of change. The transformations that are technically possible right now are so far reaching they can fundamentally shift the way that organizations work, right down to their bare-bones operating models.  

But all of that change is pointless unless you can take the people within an organization on that journey with you. We design our experiences around people, and we put the customer at the heart of everything.   

What a lot of companies fail to do is keep those same people they designed for in mind when rolling out those experiences. That planning, measuring, and listening, and then empathetically adjusting, can be the difference between success and failure.  

So we make sure we understand where a client sits culturally before they begin any change process, and we stay with them and measure, adapting the plan along the way to make sure we get the best results for them. 

Q: One of our clients in the report is quoted as saying that “the Concentrix CX team is the best I have worked with in the 30-plus years in my industry.” In your experience, what do we do differently to satisfy our clients? 

Doug Anderson: I think it comes down to our attitude and our values. If you spend any time with the people in our business, you’ll soon hear about our nine culture statements. We genuinely live by them, and they speak to things like our tenaciousness, integrity, and openness. But there are a couple that particularly resonate with me—we’re fanatical about our clients and staff, and we all contribute to One Concentrix.   

Like I said earlier, we don’t just create the strategy and the plan—we’re on the hook for delivering. We’re fully invested in that outcome, and we’re like a kid in a candy store with the people, skills, and tools across this organization. Our clients, and their customers, love that.  

View “The Forrester Wave™: Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Practices, Q4 2022” to see what Forrester had to say about our CX solutions. 

Doug Anderson

Doug Anderson

Group Strategic Solutions Director