Skyrocket Your Sales Department’s Efficiency with Configure Price Quote Software

Skyrocket your sales department’s efficiency with Configure Price Quote software

Providing Accurate, Timely, and Consistent Pricing For Customers Often Makes the Difference Between a Closed-Lost and Closed-Won Deal. Salesforce Configure Price Quote Can Help.

Sales reps know that most of their time isn’t spent selling. They are usually writing proposals, generating quotes, and getting approvals rather than closing deals. Salesforce Configure Price Quote helps Salesforce users overcome these time-fillers. If your sales reps use legacy quote configurators, manually assemble their quotes, or even have the tendency to send inaccurate quotes to prospects, it’s time to watch part 3 of our Lead to Cash Video Series and adopt Salesforce Configure Price Quote! Simply put, Configure Price Quote is an extension of your CRM that makes your pricing processes faster, easier, and more organized. Salesforce CPQ gathers essential information from your sales cycle and puts it into an automated sales tool that delivers error-free quotes.

Consistency and Visibility

Today’s customers want flexibility in how they buy. Customers also want the process to be efficient and transparent. To achieve this, sales reps need the right tech in their arsenal. In the Lead to Cash vision, CPQ helps streamline quoting by leveraging CRM data and subsequently shares that data with operations and accounting teams. This gives a 360-degree customer view, centralizing quoting and invoicing data in the CRM. Plus, if you choose to change your pricing model toward a subscription, add-on, or bundle route for customers…CPQ is ready to take this on.

Part 3 of Our Lead to Cash Video Series Covers:

  • How to streamline quoting with CRM data within CPQ
  • Sharing CPQ quoting data with both operations and accounting teams
  • How to use CPQ to provide a consistent customer experience
  • How to reduce delays in receiving revenue
  • Ways to improve your reporting
To ensure a smooth deployment of Salesforce CPQ, you’ll likely need guidance in customization of the rules and options for configuring. Our certified Salesforce consultants have long been a trusted partner in successful Salesforce CPQ implementation and help clients streamline their quoting process through CPQ functionality. We work to build tailored solutions that align with clients’ unique product offerings and sales processes. See how your sales reps can reduce wasted time and speed up their processes with Part 3 of our Lead to Cash video series, Salesforce CPQ (Configure Price Quote)!
Stephanie Gaughen

Stephanie Gaughen

Manager, Salesforce CORE Cloud