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We create simple and convenient healthcare provider solutions to boost satisfaction, through whatever channel patients choose, for connected care in the moments that matter—to improve the quality of care, efficiency, and your financial outcomes.

What We Do | Healthcare Providers

What we do

Patient Support Program

Educate, onboard, monitor, and support patients for specific pathologies and increase treatment adherence and long-term treatment management while collecting real-life evidence.

Prevention and Early Diagnosis Programs

Design national helpline initiatives specially crafted for the public that offer specific health-related information, guidance, early diagnostic screenings, and support with testing, care navigation, disease prevention, and mental health services.

Patient Experience & Loyalty

Enhance omnichannel patient experience and engagement at every point in their journey—from selection and pre-appointment through all stages of care—while meeting patient needs for easy self-service experiences delivered securely through a mix of mobile, online, and AI-powered solutions.

Patient Health Management

Define, measure, and manage the quality of care for high-risk patient groups to ensure better health outcomes at lower cost, while improving profitability, provider ratings, and regulatory compliance with our healthcare provider solutions.

Patient Access & Wellness Solutions

Make it easier for patients to access the care they need with convenience, including digital appointment setting, telehealth solutions, patient communication tools, and mobile apps. Better target and engage patients with the right messages at the right times—for improved health outcomes.

Concierge Care & Patient Support Services

Provide personalized, patient-centric care. Our healthcare provider consulting services empower you with the optimal model to promote increased patient engagement, satisfaction, and improved health outcomes.

Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Transform your contact center in the cloud with flexible and scalable solutions to fit your business—lowering costs while delivering personalized experiences that build trust and loyalty.

Content Moderation & Management

Ensure a secure and compliant environment for timely healthcare decisions that prioritizes accurate, reliable information. Our digitally enhanced care navigation and content moderation services are backed by comprehensive wellness programs, providing high-quality and sustainable solutions.

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