Future of CX

Game-changing innovations are forcing a reinvention of CX. The shift to Web3’s decentralized internet and to virtual lives in the metaverse will change the way we shop, share experiences, engage with brands, and more. In this next supercycle of rapid technological advancement and customer adoption, new economies are being formed and new business models made possible.

By harnessing next-gen technologies, we’re helping clients unlock the future of CX.

Reimagining CX

Discover how Concentrix is shaping the future of experience design and helping brands reimagine CX—to create new and interesting possibilities for people and brands.

Unlocking the Next Supercycle of CX

Supercycles that drive hyper-growth only come along once or twice a decade. As CX becomes more intelligent, more immersive, and more connected, we’re helping clients explore new possibilities, create game-changing experiences, and activate new revenue streams. Unlock these four experiences to catch the next supercycle:

Stake Your Claim in the Metaverse

Brands can no longer ignore the metaverse and the value of emergent virtual economies. As online worlds go mainstream, companies will need to equip their organizations to serve customers in fundamentally divergent ways. s leo.

Make Experiences Immersive

Blend the physical with the digital to bring connected experiences to life. Cloud, 5G, AI on the edge, and IoT are putting a new world of interaction in the hands of the customer, where expectations for frictionless experiences are multiplying.

Evolve the Business Experience

Exceptional CX is only possible if businesses build an effective and efficient middle platform to continually pivot and accelerate their go-to-market. Having entered a period of resourcing and delivery constraints, demand for automation and low and no-code solutions that can be used by any staff is evolving the business experience.

Create Intelligent Experiences

Gear up for a future where knowing your customers means understanding them as individuals. Through hyper-personalization across moments that matter in the customer journey, powered by AI and machine learning, and modeled on an insight-driven strategy, augmented human intelligence is powering an intelligent experience.

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“The metaverse is the next evolution of the internet and is unfolding in real-time 3D. It’s going to be community-driven with different virtual worlds networked together. This evolution will allow for more immersive experiences and the open exchange of digital value.”

Shawn Ennis
Director, Digital Edge

The Individual is the Experience

An Evolving CX

Let’s talk about how we can help you catch the next supercycle.

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