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Good start! Based on your responses, we consider your organization to be among those who may be currently limited in delivering on automotive CX, but who are well-positioned to learn.

Respondents in the Limited category of our 2023 Automotive CX Executive Report represent the largest segment of our CX Maturity sample, at 47%. Although placing in this segment may come as a surprise for you, it’s important to remember that your organizational maturity is being assessed against the backdrop of your industry peers. More importantly, our research has found that there is plenty to be excited about and opportunities to improve.

Many positive CX components are already present within your organization. Where our research suggests you may be limited is in understanding your key barriers (as well as your strengths). That understanding is the first step towards building a more cohesive CX vision and strategy.

Although your results may vary from others in the Limited segment, one common barrier uncovered by our research is the availability and quality of data. There’s a good chance you may just need a different point of view to help you overcome your remaining hurdles to great CX.

Your assessment results summary is available to download, providing detail on opportunities and next steps specific to those respondents who fall into the Leading category.

If you have not already done so, we invite you to review our full 2023 Automotive CX Executive Report, which provides key insights behind automotive CX maturity levels.

We also invite you to share the Automotive Maturity Assessment with your colleagues. 

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