Sip & Savor Series: The Journey to Better Customer Experiences

August 28, 2024

1:00pm PDT and 4:00pm EDT

A little tequila, a lot of fun! Join Concentrix and Adobe for a virtual tasting experience and a conversation on Customer Journey Analytics.

Today’s customer journey is more complex than ever. Changing behaviors and expectations have pushed B2C brands toward digital transformation faster than anyone expected. The same trends have accelerated the consumerization of B2B experiences.

Buyers expect seamless experiences across marketing, sales, product and support touchpoints. Correlating behavioral data, transactional data, voice of the customer data, loyalty data and other qualitative and quantitative insights is a challenge.

Delivering value at the right time across every channel requires being able to see your customers in the context of their end-to-end journey — stitching together unified profiles and analyzing behaviors based on every single interaction, even those that just happened.

Shake things up, one tequila at a time. Connect with CX experts from Concentrix and Adobe as we dive into how Customer Journey Analytics can provide the next-generation data management and analytics capabilities you need to give customers what they want — before they even know it. We’ll explore:

  • Cross-channel attribution and journey analysis

  • Removing friction points in the conversion process

  • Quantifying the value of new features and CX enhancements

  • Measuring product adoption and customer success

  • Self-service and customer care analysis

  • Democratizing access to data across your entire organization

Sommelier Scott Cushman

Scott Cushman, (Cush to everyone but his mother) is a 16 year veteran behind the stick. From his early days pouring beers in Granada, Spain to his current position as Host of Mix Cocktail Hour on the Hungry Channel and Dr. Cush’s Exotic Drinks on Youtube, Cush strives to be on the cutting edge of the craft. He has been awarded Best Los Angeles Bartender by Fernet Branca and placed third nationally in the Barback Games.