Thinking about the cloud for your Contact Center?

Transitioning from an on-premise contact center to the cloud can deliver serious benefits, including improved service resiliency, flexibility, and lower costs. Cloud solutions reduce the maintenance burden on internal teams, enabling teams to focus on higher value customer initiatives and revenue growth. A digital customer service option provides the consumer with the type of engagement they desire as more and more consumers move to digital communications.

The Answer: Amazon Connect


Driving the customer experience with personalized, intelligent engagement using natural language capabilities.

This improves customer satisfaction and decreases the number of calls that require a live agent. This intelligent engagement can be experienced across all channels for a true omnichannel experience.


Understand the sentiment, trends and compliance risks of customer interactions to effectively train agents, replicate success and identify crucial company and product feedback with the Contact Lens tool within Amazon Connect.

Contact Center

The tools you need to ensure your contact center can run efficiently with highly effective customer engagement. Amazon Connect is continually growing and adopting new technologies to improve the way Contact Centers do business and engage with customers.

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A perfect match: Amazon Connect & Concentrix

Amazon Connect provides the foundation you need to transform your Contact Center and achieve an exceptional customer experience. Partnering with Concentrix will provide you the expertise and experience you need to ensure you optimize utilization of your Contact Center software.

Our systematic approach will guide you through challenges and identify improvement opportunities. Once implemented, Concentrix will provide on-going services to keep your system running smoothly.

Different by Design, Concentrix offers more than just product implementation. We can help you when you need us, how you need us.  From assessment to design, implementation through management and much more in-between, we can help you transform your customer experience journey, increase CSAT, reduce costs, and maintain brand loyalty.

Discover new heights with Amazon Connect

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Amazon Connect and Concentrix – a perfect match to help you transform your Contact Center all within an easy-to-use cloud solution. Improved customer satisfaction, streamlined and personalized customer engagement, improved agent productivity – some of the benefits you can expect from this powerful duo.

Concentrix continues to grow its business as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner, with the recent sale of a large-scale Amazon Lex deployment to a large US retailer.

Experience the Concentrix difference with Amazon Connect. Talk to us today about how we can help you achieve great outcomes, delivered, and guaranteed.


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