Genelco Insurance Administration SolutionTM (GIAS) is a rules-based and contemporary policy administration and claims processing software system for the life and health insurance community.

Designed exclusively for Group, Individual and Voluntary Insurance providers, GIAS provides out-of-the-box support for all user roles for core insurance product processing for life, health and disability insurance products and annuity insurance contracts.  GIAS streamlines operations and allows for growth potential in markets that carriers were previously prohibited to enter due to constraining, out-of-date technology.

GIAS is designed to deploy to the client’s specifications—no one is asked to fit into a model unsuitable for its business objectives.  With this perspective, Concentrix Insurance Solutions allows a client to play to its strengths.  Deliver GIAS via:

  • a direct Software Licensing
  • accessibility as a Software as a Service or a Business Process as a Service
  • use by the Third Party Administration business unit of Concentrix Insurance Solutions to process and service a carrier’s policyholders.

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