Providing a Delightful (Fast and Easy) Customer Experience

Marketers must often execute new campaigns and tactics across multiple channels quickly and with measurable outcome. For this goal they need targeted, relevant and channel-consistent messaging. Factors affecting their mission include globalization and localization; limitations on scarce talent and resources; and technology complexity. What’s more, their legacy systems often have capability gaps that deliver inconsistent results.

Concentrix’ end-to-end solutions leads to rapid discovery, analysis and execution through a repeatable approach and mastery of the variable described above. In return, clients get optimized digital marketing efforts and outcomes.


The Opportunity

Consumers have readily embraced advanced technology and expanded channels for digital commerce and communication. This paradigm shift has the potential to affect virtually all traditional industries and services that deal with customers. More than ever, providing a delightful customer experience is required. Today, delightful means fast, easy, knowledgable interactions.

Concentrix understands this paradigm and offers vast experience in customer relationship management that leads to high value results. Our portfolio includes more than a decade of experience for well-known global brands. We support them through multiple contact centers, staffed by highly specialized digital consultants, who can deliver a profitable customer experience strategy.

With our leading-edge tools, advanced analytics and automation, we fully support social (through our SocialEco tool; see below for a diagram and a video), web and mobile interaction channels.

SocialEco Services

We help you identify valuable conversations in social media and convert them into sales leads. Our social media experts measure and interpret data to provide you with a holistic view of what is happening and why it is happening. We make sure you are the first to know about opportunities and potential issues in the market so that you maintain and protect your reputation online. Most importantly, we respond to your customers immediately, providing them with the best customer experience possible.

Watch how Concentrix SocialEco empowers growth and profitability.

Services for the Digital Enterprise:


  • Assess digital maturity and benchmark current footprint with competitors and the market
  • Define the digital experience strategy with journey maps and interactive design
  • Optimize digital channel interactions and enable adoption of self-service


  • Create an optimal customer experience with agile content production across web/social/mobile/micro-sites
  • Assist with campaign management strategy, design and execution across all channels
  • Leverage digital experience technology and process expertise in sales enablement programs

Commerce & Care

  • Ensure continuous, engaging interactions with customer via voice and digital channels
  • Design and deploy automation and self-service solutions
  • Provide customers with proactive notifications fueled by intelligent automation

Channel Enablement

  • Enable access to the digital consumer with an Omni-Channel approach
  • Personalize interactions in the customer’s channel of choice while ensuring privacy and digital trust
  • Deliver comprehensive customer communications through all available channels and device platforms

Advanced Analytics

  • Leverage predicative analytics to ensure understanding of a customer’s wider context, environment and business intent
  • Improve customer loyalty and decrease customer effort with analytics that drive self-service and a seamless cross-channel customer experience
  • Develop analytics-driven processes that will enable digital customer interactions and align to your business outcomes


Concentrix has a proven track record of helping enterprises improve their customer service abilities, as shared below.

Web Analytics

We provide best-in-class web analytics services, develop website measurement and analysis frameworks, conduct deep-dive analysis on user behavior and provide business insights for web enhancement strategy.

Digital Power Index (DPI)

Concentrix offers digital channels assessment through the Concentrix Digital Power Index (DPI) framework. DPI analyzes and quantifies digital capability and trends; provides current level score between competitors; and delivers insights to improve brands’ digital competence. Key areas include web, mobile and social media. An ongoing consulting service, DPI focuses on positioning the client as an industry leader.

End-to-End Digital Marketing

We provide end-to-end digital marketing services, content creation, production, translation, CRM campaign management and program management. We also provide content-asset management across digital channels and competitive analysis for many languages globally.

Digital Marketing Services

We provide end-to-end digital customer engagement services including technology, agent operations and process automation for all digital interactions. Using an internally built workflow management asset tool, Concentrix updates content globally and in real time.

What’s Your Customer Strategy?