Our Process

Concentrix Enterprise Analytics

Data is a vital resource that can’t be ignored. More than ever before, business success in the digital age relies on an ability to manage data and to uncover the meaningful patterns hidden within it. Businesses need to invest in data analytics to provide higher value services.

At Concentrix, our team of analytics experts solve high-impact business problems using a suite of tailored analytics solutions. Their expertise and the output of our unique approach is proven across the key industries of Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, Technology, Consumer Electronics, Insurance, Retail & eCommerce, Automotive, Travel, Media & Communications and Government & Public Sector.

Using a collaborative engagement approach, our dedicated team develops specific solutions to analyze data through our client’s eyes—driving speed to benefit and optimizing cost to serve. Beyond crunching the numbers and determining what has already happened, we bring a holistic approach to enable you to execute on the insights generate that move your company forward based on your business strategy for the future.

The analytics solutions we deliver can be embedded into operations or deployed on their own. Concentrix is a leader in offering outcomes-based pricing. We provide customized end-to-end analytical solutions, starting with data management and reporting to high-end descriptive and predictive (or cognitive) analytics.


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