Customer Lifecycle

Concentrix understands the customer experience from acquisition through renewal. Our suite of contact services, technology applications, analytics and process optimization expertise satisfy the most complex requirements.


Concentrix can help you realize your maximum potential with our proven demand generation, digital enablement, sales and channel support, technology solutions, and sales execution services.

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Customer Care

Concentrix attends to customer care needs across all channels and platforms, ensuring consistent, high-quality experiences and reduced customer effort.

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Technology Assets & Applications

Standing out in today’s digital economy requires an intelligent, accelerated application and integration of modern technologies. Concentrix leverages channel extensions, optimized processes and cloud-based solutions to provide flexibility and agility in daily operations.


Process Optimization

Processes are the foundation of every business and impact performance across each area of your business, as well as customer experience. Concentrix offers true expertise in this area to drive improved streamlined processes, reduced customer effort and better business outcomes.


Front- and Back-Office

Front- and back-office processes are colliding. We streamline the front- and back-office to reduce customer effort, improve customer experience and drive efficiencies in every customer interaction. Through our proprietary platforms, we automate the back-office functions to allow for more efficiencies and reduced effort.

Back-office services typically consist of the following administrative activities: Data Entry, Claims Processing, Claims Adjudication, Adjustment Processing, Application Review and Processing, Correspondince Processing, Email Processing, Web Ticket or Web Request Form Processing.


We take a holistic approach to managing your processes and we will look for ways to bring innovation and increased results to your overall business. Concentrix has a demonstrated track record of helping clients transform their business through Process Innovation, Transformation, Continuous Improvement and Delivery Practitioners.

Continuous Improvement

We understand your drive for achieving high performance metrics. Through our Continuous Improvement framework, we evaluate, design and implement processes and tools that raise these metrics.


Processes are the foundation of every business affecting performance across critical areas and metrics. With our best-in-class methodology, we identify key gaps in our clients’ unique business goals. Then, working within their existing processes, we reduce complexity while increasing quality, visibility and control. This leads to improved organizational effectiveness and competitive advantage.

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The digital world is evolving daily. Capturing and understanding data points is critical to improve performance and better customer experience. Concentrix helps you to better understand engagement with your customers and provides insights that empower you with the information needed to make critical business decisions.


Digital Customer Engagement

With its vision of providing world-class customer experience, Concentrix offers an end-to-end digital capability, from strategy and design to implementing appropriate technologies. We support these with continuous process improvement and advanced analytics—all of which enhance the marketing and customer-care experience.

Consulting Services

In this digital world where customer demands are changing daily, Concentrix offers expertise, planning and executive assistance for your business. We take a holistic approach to what’s needed and help you to drive impact quickly, with surgical precision.

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What’s Your Customer Strategy?