The Need to Think Differently

Thinking differently takes equal parts ingenuity and guts. “When a dog runs at you, whistle for him.” Thoreau’s point: Why fear the future, when you can own it? That’s thinking differently. And it’s more necessary now than ever before.

The Concentrix Emerging Business group lives that philosophy, day in and day out.

It’s hard to say which evolves at a steadier pace—people or the technology we employ. In our business of reaching people (through various forms of communication technology) and motivating them to action, we have to continuously evolve. We need not only to see the future charging toward us, but to lead the charge.

Here are just a few examples to illustrate the benefits of thinking differently in the world of Automotive Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Bringing It All Together

The next time you take your car in for service, you may notice some advancements in dealership technology. Your service technician might walk around your vehicle with an iPad recording every detail about its current health. That data is tied to basic information about you and your vehicle that helps the dealership better serve your needs and ultimately build customer loyalty. But wait. What about all the other data out there? Maybe you’ve contacted the manufacturer’s call center. Your vehicle is probably connected to telematics that detect tire pressure, oil level and more. If you use an app provided by your vehicle’s manufacturer, you may have agreed to location services that tell them when you’re near a dealership or one of its partner. Or perhaps you’ve responded to sales offers online, indicating you’re looking for a new vehicle in a certain price range.

It doesn’t take rocket science to realize all this data should be collected together and used to help manage your relationship with that brand on every level. But it does take a catalyst. It takes decades of experience in Marketing, Digital, Call Center, Virtual Assistant and overall Dealer Support. It takes integration with technology providers to deliver the most reliable data feeds. Most importantly, it requires thinking differently about the possibilities. We’re the only ones with all the above. And we’ve found ground-breaking ways to bring it all together for our clients.

Owning Partner-Based Solutions

In today’s marketing industry, back-end technology is no longer a guessing game or an independent experiment. Companies such as Oracle and Salesforce have developed platforms on which brilliant solutions can be built. Recognizing this oncoming shift, we’ve done more than partner with these tech companies. We’ve leveraged our experience in marketing and CRM to develop proprietary configurations and solutions. That puts us in a unique position to bridge the gap between the best software and the most effective implementation for our clients.

Beyond Automotive

Far-sighted vision. Ease of integration. Deep understanding of distributor and franchise networks. These are a few of the advantages we bring to the table every time we work with a client. Those benefits are obviously not limited to the Automotive industry.

Thinking differently compels us to reach out to other applications. Manufacturing brands of all sorts—from Harley to Peterbilt—are on our radar for potential expansion. And we’re not afraid to think even further afield.

At every point in history, the status quo is constantly challenged by the unyielding and inevitable approach of future advancement. Those left standing when the dust settles are, in every case, the ones who anticipate, welcome and decidedly own the challenge—the ones who think differently. Or as one rule-breaking, emerging computer company put it decades ago: “Think different.” For us, that’s the only way we know how to think.


By Kevin O’Brien, Senior Director, Marketing Solutions

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