Customer Data or Customer Intimacy?

What are your Big Data investments really leading to?

Personalization Needs 360-Degree Views of Your Customers
Personalization Needs 360-Degree Views of Your Customers

For some time now, analytics has been the much-discussed solution to revolutionizing customer experience management. However, enterprises are still struggling with “data” and customer engagement is not truly “big” in terms of business impact.

So why has that promise not been met? Well, analytics is the science of data collection and the art of analyzing—for it to serve well in real-world application. When the science fails, the art can hardly succeed.

Today’s customer ecosystem is multi-channel. The more traditional channels co-exist with contemporary digital ones. However, channels of customer access and interaction are not fully-integrated into providing a truly omni-channel ecosystem and experience to both customer and the business.

This lets data sit in silos and the enterprise view of the customer often has missing pieces. Any decision-making driven by such an incomplete customer view is likely to be ineffective. To show impressive ROI, Big Data investments must account for this much-needed transformation within the business.

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