Concentrix Named Best Place to Work

Best in Biz Awards Recognizes Concentrix’ People-Focused Approach to Culture, Diversity and Inclusion.

Best in Biz Awards North America recognized Concentrix as “Best Place to Work” for 2020. Concentrix’ human-focused approach to building a business is a cornerstone of our culture, especially after several massive acquisitions that resulted in today’s 240K + global staff across six continents.  Our commitment to our culture united this global staff through a culture world tour designed to educate and engage staff on company culture, vision, and values, as well as provide leadership development training.

Concentrix demonstrated award-winning ability with several key highlights.

  • Concentrix values disability inclusion, improving facilities to make sites accessible and committing to the Valuable 500 initiative.
  • Concentrix’ Network of Women strengthens the careers of women and our commitment to diversity ensures benefits for same-sex partners.
  • To protect the health of our people, a Global Mental Wellbeing Program supports mental health and wellbeing.
  • After Covid-19 hit, we successfully converted over 60% of productive staff to a work at home model within five weeks while meeting or exceeding World Health Organization requirements.

Through our commitment to our culture, diversity, equity, and inclusion, Concentrix has won numerous staff rated awards such as Best Company for Diversity, Best Company for Women and Best Companies for Happiest Employees.  We have also been recognized as Best Employer of the Year, Innovation and Organizational Resilience Award and HR Excellence Award.

For more information on Careers at Concentrix, click here.

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