ESNTL Wellness

Organizations are seeing patterns of stress, anxiety, and diminished wellness in their workforce and are looking for answers.  We are entering a new age of mental health in the workplace, with more open and honest conversations about mental health and wellness replacing outdated “don’t ask, don’t tell” policies. 

Concentrix is proud to announce the launch of a new wellness platform called ESNTL Wellness. The platform showcases detailed data visualizations revealing trends in workplace wellness to illuminate opportunities for positive change. We’ve co-designed this product in partnership with law enforcement agencies, fire departments, first responders and people working in high-stress environments. 

We leverage unique features from Apple Watch and iPhone, to access a range of actively and passively collected health data. ESNTL allows individuals to privately understand, assess, and positively impact their own health and wellness while enabling organizations to make informed decisions that effect the physical and mental wellness of their workforce.

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