Concentrix Named Launch Partner for the Salesforce Automotive Cloud Platform

Concentrix Named Launch Partner for the Salesforce Automotive Cloud Platform

Realizing Value and Innovation in the Auto Industry

Today, Salesforce officially unveiled Automotive Cloud, which is designed to deliver a unified 360-degree customer experience for automotive prospects and customers by consolidating vehicle, retail, and finance data, built specifically for the auto industry. We are pleased to announce that Concentrix is a design and launch partner for Automotive Cloud.

Together, Concentrix and Salesforce are bridging silos to provide consolidated data, technology, and solutions, which in turn are providing customers and buyers with highly relevant, personalized experiences. We will be standing-up Automotive Cloud for clients as a complement to our pre-built accelerators across the Salesforce ecosystem. The Concentrix investment in Salesforce accelerators significantly decreases time-to-value for clients and improves overall investment efficiency.

The auto industry has changed—from shifts in lot to online shoppers and growing demand for electric cars. These shifts present an opportunity to revolutionize the underlying strategy and technology to meet the changing needs of tomorrow’s customers. At Concentrix, we’ve been investing in digital-first disruption for years with our best-in-class accelerators, engineered for the Salesforce platform.

“We anticipated the shift in demand across the automotive industry from legacy tech to modern, configurable CXM platforms years ago and have overhauled our entire technology approach, delivering clients shorter time to ROI. This has culminated in our strong relationship with Salesforce. This tech transformation continues as we work as a design partner on Salesforce Auto Cloud, which is a really exciting development in the industry,” said Kevin O’Brien, Vice President of Performance Marketing at Concentrix Catalyst.

The Concentrix Automotive Performance Marketing team is driving innovation through deployment of automotive-specific, Salesforce-powered solutions, including Automotive Cloud. These solutions are designed to be ahead of the curve when it comes to reimagining everything CX—more digital, more connected, and more predictive.

Together, Concentrix and Salesforce are accelerating outcomes for clients. We design, build, and run the future of CX for the world’s best brands, and we’re proud to be partnering with Salesforce as a design and launch partner. Take the next step and connect with Concentrix to transform your CX.