• You’ll be working with one of the strongest players in the outsourcing industry. We are leading the market in growth, having historically grown at twice the market rate. That means we’ll be here over the long haul – eliminating any worry of disruption to your business. If you look at our financial metrics and ability to invest, it’s at par, if not exceeding all of our competitors. Case in point, our recent acquisition of IBM’s Customer Care Business.
  • You’ll have the attention of our senior most people. Every executive has operational awareness of every Concentrix client. From the top to the bottom, every mind in the Concentrix organization is focused on your success. We never stop looking for a better way to grow your business!
  • You’ll be one of a limited number of strategic partnerships. You’ve got to be strategic to us, and we’ve got to be strategic to you. This means you’ll always be a big deal to us.
  • We don’t manage the business by quarters, we manage over the long-term. If you ask us to ramp at the end of a quarter, we’ll do it. Our competitors won’t because it affects their profitability for that quarter. This is a partnership, and we want to be the best business partner you’ve ever had. We do that by adding value wherever and whenever possible.
  • You’ll be working with a company that believes in continuous improvement. Our spend, as a percentage of revenue, on technology and tools is significantly higher than our competitors. When we identify an opportunity to improve your business, we’ll act quickly –  investing in the tools, technology, processes, and people required to make it happen. Concentrix is an entrepreneurial company – that spirit is at the core of our company culture.
  • You’ll have local management in each of your markets around the world. We don’t send expatriates to run our offices. Instead, we find talented individuals in each location with an intimate understanding of the market. Then we provide the infrastructure to help them succeed, maintaining consistent delivery from country to country, culture to culture. Today, we deliver in 33 languages, and we aren’t afraid to add another language or deliver in another country – even if that means starting small (we once invested in a new country for a client with only four representatives).

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