We believe revenue generation can and should be a key objective of every customer interaction – regardless of channel. Sales conversations are clearly focused on generating revenue and providing great customer support builds strong relationships who will be customers for life and raving fans who are eager to share your brand story with friends and family.

Ultimately, it’s all about revenue.

Generate Revenue Through Acquisition

Acquiring new customers, selling more products and services, gaining share of wallet and share of market are the lifeblood of every company. At Concentrix, we consider these activities to be all part of the customer lifecycle. We approach every sales interaction as the opportunity to start a new relationship with your customer or to grow an existing one. As we focus on closing today’s sale, we’re always conscious of the future and how to set up the next sale. If today’s experience doesn’t exceed your customer’s expectations, the likelihood of the next sale is minimal, so to our sales professionals, sales and customer service are inextricably linked.

Our sales solutions drive revenue today and create customers for life.

Revenue Through Support

Customers who need assistance may not be thinking about making a purchase when they contact you. They’re looking for an answer to a question or a resolution to a problem. At Concentrix, we consider every support interaction to be another chance to convert a customer into a raving fan. The right support experience builds loyalty and creates a trusted advisor relationship that opens the door for cross sell and up sell recommendations. And our support experts are ready to close a sale when your customer is ready to buy. Today, tomorrow and over the entire lifecycle.


Revenue Through Renewal

No matter what your business, your customers always have choices of where to buy. And your competitors are continually reminding them of that fact. Retaining and renewing relationships protects your investment and ensures the continuation of your revenue stream. Subscription-based relationships have a natural rhythm of expiration and renewal and we’ve been combining the right technology, strategies and execution to accelerate and maximize our clients’ recurring revenue longer than anyone else in the world.

Businesses who sell to their customers in discrete transactions often have even greater challenges when it comes to customer retention. How do they know when their customer relationships are at risk? When is the right time to engage with a customer to grow the relationship? Retention and growth are simply part of the customer lifecycle and as lifecycle management experts, we have a wealth of experience in providing answers to these questions and assisting clients in driving revenue growth.

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