Technology is rapidly changing the ways that customers interact with their favorite brands. In order to attract and retain customers, it is now essential to provide integrated and robust omni-channel support. The proliferation of new channels also yield an unprecedented amount of data that Concentrix can help your enterprise use to predict customer preferences and problem areas.

Concentrix can provide your enterprise with the ability to optimize the customer experience, ensuring that the right content reaches the right person at the right time via the right channel, providing a more holistic and profitable customer experience. The channels we support in our unified communications platform include:

  • Local & remote
  • Voice, IVR, digital and written
  • IVR including natural language speech recognition
  • Web, video calls, chat and social media
  • Mail and fax
  • SMS and automated outbound messaging
  • Email and forums
  • In-store and face-to-face

More than a business services provider, Concentrix has product offerings and experienced communications experts that allow our clients to ‘cut through’ the noise created in today’s data and interaction rich environment to identify and prioritize those that carry real value. By analyzing the digital environment and understanding your customers, Concentrix agents are able to engage using appropriate channels and maximize the opportunities presented.

Concentrix can help you to understand your customer needs and behaviors through sophisticated analytics and devise customer interaction strategies that play to the strengths of today’s mix of online and traditional service channels. We measure and reengineer channel processes to deliver more effectively and deploy integrated customer experience channel interactions that are flexible, scalable, high quality and constantly improving.