The Challenge

The Media & Communications industry is experiencing tremendous change with the growth and adaption of smartphones, mobility and data enabled devices. Network tariffs are becoming commoditized and customers are becoming increasing demanding and expect a consistent and integrated service regardless of channel.

Listening to your customers and understanding their preferences is one of the best ways to grow your business, yet such insights can sometimes be difficult to capture in real time. Concentrix partners with clients to deliver end-to-end customer engagement services, technology innovations, analytics, process optimization and business improvements. We’ve streamlined front and back office and industry-specific processes to provide the highest value from every customer interaction and to deliver improved business outcomes.

Improving Customer Experience
in a Complex World

The demand for distribution and access through multiple media channels calls for needs-based customer segmentation and integrated customer support. Concentrix helps you provide the right level of service, at the right time and for the right customer – a key differentiator among your competitors.

Because consumers are savvier, more empowered and demanding than ever, modern products require more integration, compatibility and breadth of features. In such a complex climate, enhancing customer experience and providing excellent customer support are the keys to getting a competitive advantage. By doing so, you not only gain loyalty, you also open the door to expanding your revenues by selling extended service contracts and related products. Our continuous flexibility and agility have allowed us to anticipate changes in the marketplace and to capitalize on the opportunities those changes present. In every circumstance, we’ve sought to transform the customer experience by providing the highest value in every customer interaction.

We approach these market challenges as opportunities, with a balanced use of technology, know-how, and operations focused on our clients’ desired business outcomes. That applies whether the need is pure cost optimization or a complex combination of revenue plays. We utilize Omni-Channel Voice-of-the-Customer (VOC), our industry leading technical and product support capability, coupled with customer effort scoring. This combination ensures that your customers can efficiently find solutions to their inquiries whenever and however they want. This integrated approach also leads to an optimal brand experience while reassuring the empowered consumers that they have made the right purchasing decision.

Delivering Tailored Strategies

Our services are easily tuned to your specific business needs. Beyond the expected service outcomes of customer satisfaction or revenue generation, Media & Communications providers rely on specific results that directly drive customer satisfaction, such as first call resolution, total cost per incident, or minimizing service returns. As your partner for these specific industry outcomes as well as the underlying service expectations, we will develop effective and coherent strategies tailored for your organization, helping you reach long-term goals.


Potential Types of Engagement

  • Field Support Dispatch Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Churn Analytics
  • Omni-channel Enablement
  • Annual Revenue Per Unit Optimization

What’s Your Customer Strategy?