Concentrix Global Business Services offers a range of solutions for industry-specific processes. Whether your enterprise is a bank that needs to get better at managing risk, a government looking to better serve your citizens, or a telecom provider trying to limit customer churn, Concentrix Global Business Services has the relevant expertise and experience to optimize the business processes that directly impact your bottom line. Learn more about what we’re doing in your industry.


The India growth story has thrown up new pressures and prerogatives for the Indian banks. Concentrix Global Business Services offers solutions to tackle these ever evolving challenges. We draw on deep industry experience and broad process expertise to help many of the world’s leading banks become more customer-centric, reduce complexity and manage risk. Learn more about how we can help your banking enterprise.

Concentrix Global Business Services for banking provides targeted outsourcing capabilities for the front- and back-office needs of retail banks, including core banking services and credit card services.

Specific areas of focus include:

  • Customer acquisition and care
  • Customer marketing and analytics
  • Product and card servicing
  • Collections
  • Fraud and risk management

Concentrix Global Business Services banking solutions leverage the outsourcing leadership and experience of Concentrix. With a network of delivery centers around the world, we manage business processes for some of the world’s most recognized banks— as well as the local bank around the corner—enabling them to respond to the challenges and opportunities facing banks today.


The retail sector in India is witnessing unprecedented growth fuelled by a boom in consumer spending due to higher disposable incomes, rising middle class aspirations and the influence of globalization. This growth is also manifested through the rise in electronic retailing with the proliferation of broadband internet connections and mobile telephony.

However, this growth has resulted in intense competition, with both multi-national and local players battling it out for market share. Margins have also come under severe pressure.

Concentrix Global Business Services provides services and solutions for your business – both physical and online, which can help your organization to succeed in this competitive market place by:

  • Growing revenue and gaining market share
  • Improving customer experience and strengthening brand loyalty
  • Improving operational efficiency and reducing costs
  • Improving procurement efficiency and optimizing the supply chain

The specific areas of focus include:

  • Omni-channel customer relationship management
  • Customer Lifetime Value Revenue Enhancement (Acquisition, Cross-Sell, Up-Sell, Churn Reduction)
  • Behavioural Segmentation
  • Voice of the Customer Analytics
  • Procurement Outsourcing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Finance and Administration Outsourcing
  • Credit and Collections

With best in class professionals, delivery capabilities and domain expertise in retail sector, Concentrix can help your organization to meet the challenges and grow in this competitive market place.


The liberalization of the insurance sector from state monopoly in India has resulted in the entry of several private and foreign players. While the market potential is huge, the competitive pressures are also very high.

Insurance companies are challenged with the need to maintain and build market share while strengthening customer relationships and increasing profitability. They need to develop innovative partnerships and business models that leverage core capabilities to provide unique products and services to customers.

Our unique combination of deep insurance expertise, analytics-driven methodology and Concentrix technology enables us to deliver significant cost-savings and process innovation. Concentrix administers more than $5 billion in annuity assets around the world with a staff of experienced professionals who specialize in medical, actuarial, legal, administrative, and technical processes.

Concentrix procurement outsourcing services for insurance companies helps you build a responsive, integrated supply chain that supports collaboration with suppliers, partners and customers to unlock savings opportunities and foster relationships across the supply chain. Our advanced analytics capabilities enable greater control over spending and compliance. And by tapping into Concentrix’s vast supplier base, innovation technology and proven expertise, you can control your procurement spend and increase your buying power – helping to improve your combined ratio, right now and over the long term.


Though the telecom market in India is still attractive, it is becoming increasingly saturated, driving customer acquisition costs sky-high while lowering switching costs. With the entry of new global telecom players, customer acquisition and retention costs are spiralling upwards, squeezing out the margins.

To remain competitive, you need customer contact services that utilize analytics to analyze customer data across disparate sources and provide actionable insight. Concentrix Global Business Services leverages advanced analytics to help you better understand customer behavior and launch targeted marketing campaigns for improved customer acquisition and retention and enhanced profitability.

Concentrix delivers business process outsourcing services for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Procurement & Supply Chain Management for many of the world’s largest telecommunications companies.



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