Our analytics services give you deep insight into your customer behavior, leading to increased revenues and customer loyalty.

More immediate and more accurate information can improve decision making and help your enterprise to:

  • Grow its customer base with segmentation models that enable more targeted marketing campaigns
  • Drive higher average revenue per customer through targeted up-sell and cross-sell programs
  • Improve customer retention rates by using sophisticated buyer behavior and satisfaction analytics
  • Manage risk by analyzing customer payment activity and credit records
  • Facilitate revenue growth through the optimization of product portfolios and configurations

Our advanced analytics solution for customer management delivers actionable recommendations and quick time to value. Concentrix’s sophisticated data analysis, advanced data modeling and risk analytics lead to more accurate projections, optimization across data sources and, ultimately, better outcomes.

Our comprehensive suite of analytics offerings includes:

  • Voice of the Customer Analytics (VOCA) enables companies to harness both structured and unstructured data, including recorded voice data, to perform sentiment analysis, understand underlying motivators of behaviors and emotions and identify defining moments that enable companies to improve customer satisfaction and overall advocacy.
  • *Customer experience analytics *enables organizations to optimize channels, improve agent performance and outcomes, drive better IVR experiences and improve the efficacy and performance of core operations.
  • *CRM revenue enhancement analytics *helps organizations improve their acquisition activities, improve cross-sell and up-sell efforts, launch event-based marketing programs, reduce churn and improve loyalty and retention.
  • *CRM customer insight analytics *helps enterprises understand and leverage customer lifetime value, glean insight from behavioral segmentation and understand and predict needs, preferences and actions across customer segments.
  • *CRM Risk analytics *allow us to create risk scorecards to improve applications, behavior, collections, abuse and fraud detection, recovery and other risk attributes.

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