Insurance organizations in the individual and group life and health insurance vertical market space have come to rely on the value delivered by Genelco Software Solutions. These solutions include a robust, contemporary, and agile administration system that integrates within a platform of choice, allows for anytime/anywhere access, is scalable, extensible and flexible. Additionally, it supports financial and operational boardroom goals through innovative technology usage. Bottom line, it is built to handle the fast-paced demands of today’s insurance business environment.
Genelco software can be deployed in three models. It easily operates within an organization’s choice of computing environments as a Licensed Software Acquisition. It would also be used as the platform deployed in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. And finally, it is the platform used for administration process servicing in the Concentrix Insurance Solutions (CIS) fully-licensed TPA.

In addition to the software’s comprehensive core administration processing capabilities for the back office, the solution can readily be adapted to an insurer’s special needs or market trends through business rules. Or, if an insurer is seeking a business solution for the full spectrum of insurance processing—from customer-centric touch points to flexible distribution channel options to risk management tools—Genelco Insurance Administration Solution (GIAS) is the perfect option as the core administration solution for integration of a business transformation solution. The simplified integration inherent in this software translates into real-world flexibility, back-office efficiency, and speed to market.

If your business objectives include increased market share, customer persistency, producer loyalty and sophisticated, yet flexible, processing capabilities, consider Concentrix Insurance Solutions.

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