What is Customer Engagement?

We believe that Customer Engagement is aligning a customer with your brand, your business processes and your values. We are recognized as a global leader in analyzing, assessing and defining a strategic customer strategy for our clients and we want to help you do the same for your customers. We help you define your customer engagement strategy and enable you to achieve high value interactions at every stage of your customer’s lifecycle – always working to setup their next transaction while improving CSAT (customer satisfaction).

We generate revenue while delivering a superior customer experience – one that you’ve defined. Your customers will receive a superior experience whether speaking directly to an agent or fully automated. The point is, once we understand your customer retention strategy, we’ll be consistent from the first moment we engage a prospect on your behalf until we’ve converted them into a raving fan for your brand.

Why is Customer Engagement Important?

Customer engagement should be a core focus of your business, in order to develop relationships with customers that result in repeat business, referrals, profitable relationships and high life-time value customers. Lack of a strong customer engagement strategy through high value business processes can result in a disconnection between your brand promise and customer experiences.

Strong customer engagement strategies result in true alignment with your brand promise and customer experiences, customer loyalty, long term, high-value customers, profitable relationships and raving fans!

Engage During Acquisition

Your customer engagement strategy defines the experience you want to provide to your customers every time they interact with your brand. How your customers experience a purchasing interaction sets the tone for the life of your relationship with them. That’s why at Concentrix, our sales solutions focus on ensuring two key objectives: maximizing revenue and ensuring your customers and your prospective customers receive the right experience through every stage of the buying process. Whether we’re generating qualified opportunities for your sales team or closing the sales directly, every detail of your program is measured against these two objectives. Because every purchasing interaction is the start of a lifetime relationship.

Engage During Support

Your customers are our priority and we will help you assist your customers at all stages of the customer journey. Concentrix expertly handles thousands of customer interactions, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer, over multiple channels from diverse locations in many languages, 24/7, 365 days a year.

When Concentrix becomes your customer support partner, we also become your voice. We incorporate your organization’s culture, brand, training, quality, technology, language and security requirements into your customer support program. Flexibility is key and we work with you to continually evaluate and improve all aspects of your program and its performance.

Engage During Renewal

In simple terms, a high renewals rate is a result of a well defined, effective customer engagement strategy. If your customer experience and business processes are not aligned with your brand promise, your renewals experience will be poor. Concentrix is unique in that we help provide high value interactions at every stage of the customer’s life cycle, including their renewals experience.

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