CNX CR (2)Concentrix is made up of 45,000 of the best and the brightest people in the world and one of its 50 global locations is helping support a literacy program to help children stay in school and graduate equipped with the skills for bright futures.

The mission of Concentrix Costa Rica, like many neighboring businesses, is lending its resources to make their Pavas community, part of the national capital of San Juan, a better place to live. By supporting the Fundacion Fundamentes, a non-profit organization created to assist at-risk minors, Concentrix is contributing to the education of children who will become the workers of tomorrow.

The latest endeavor is providing funding for a new building named “Camille Claudel” for the Fundamentes foundation to offer classes in art, music, cooking and academics to help improve the daily quality of life for 200 children.

Concentrix also has a new $4 million state-of-the-art facility in Pavas, which was completed in December.

“In Pavas, Costa Rica, we are making an investment to grow our business based on a good mix of skilled talent, infrastructure and business climate,” Concentrix President Chris Caldwell commented at the opening.

The latest corporate center can accommodate up to 1,200 staff and is located near the United States Embassy and an international airport in the Pavas suburb of the cosmopolitan Latin American capital of San Jose, the hub of government and home to more than 50 universities.

Concentrix employees in Pavas held a fashion show to raise funds for Fundamentes modern Camille Claudel community center, the charity’s third facility, and also helped in other individual ways by giving the children Christmas gifts and a visit to the famous Pozuelo cookie factory in San Jose.

“Es Mucha Galleta!” has been the saying about the sweet Pozuelo cookies for nearly a century all across Costa Rica. The phrase also serves as a positive comment for anything good — such as a movie — in Costa Rican Spanish.

The 525 staffers at the new Concentrix location in Costa Rica serve numerous customers and provide technical support in Spanish as well as several other languages including English, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch and Italian.

The newest corporate center headed by Max Teran complements the global value Concentrix provides customers across the world, from Asia to the United Kingdom and the United States. Following the acquisition of the IBM customer relationship management (CRM) operations at the first of February, Concentrix is now a top ten leader in the international industry with associates speaking more than 40 languages in 36 countries across five continents.

The Republic of Costa Rica (meaning “rich coast” in Spanish) is bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east. To the north is Nicaragua, where Concentrix also has a commanding presence. Some say Christopher Columbus exclaimed “la costa rica” when he sailed the country’s eastern shore on his fourth and final voyage to the New World in 1502, still looking in vain for a water passage west to the Orient.

Columbus could not have imagined how small the world that now centers on global communications would become and that the rich coast would become a leading Central American travel destination drawing 1.5 million visitors a year and also a commercial and educational center.

Concentrix is dedicated to being a leading partner in business and educational growth in all of its communities worldwide.

“We chose photo (2)AlejandraFundamentes to help because it is our community and Concentrix was interested in helping our childhood,” said Alejandra Delgado, with the company’s Corporate Relations office in Costa Rica. And that es mucha galleta.

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