In a marketplace where brand quality and consistency matter more than ever, poor web site management can lead to customer satisfaction issues, lost revenue and escalating costs. Assigning this crucial work to individual product, business unit or country teams can result in slow execution of marketing initiatives and inconsistent messaging.

Outsourcing your web production and content management to Concentrix can help reduce costs by up to 50 percent, with a potential return on investment in fewer than six months. It can also accelerate time to market for new products and promotional campaigns. Concentrix enables you to leverage global labor sourcing, specialized skill sets and proven tools and processes to speed execution time and improve the quality of your content, the consistency of your messaging and the usability of your web site—all of which can help improve the customer experience and increase customer loyalty.

Our solutions and services include:

  • Expert global content production
  • Web 2.0 capabilities such as social networking, product reviews and live chat
  • Skilled technicians who can write code and develop HTML, XML, JavaTM, Flash and AJAX applications
  • Regular monitoring to identify and repair broken links and eliminate redundancies
  • Language translation services
  • Centralized management processes and advanced tools
  • Real-time reporting capability to monitor content and team performance