Banks across the world are challenged with finding new approaches to maximize profitability and returns.

  • Hundreds of billions could be saved annually if banks in mature markets reduce operational complexity.
  • Leading financial institutions believe they need to transform to secure future profitability.
  • Leading CEOS identify customer insights as the most critical area
    for investment.

In mature markets, banks face challenges to reduce operational complexity and gain deeper customer insights to grow revenue.

  • Gain deeper customer insightsand deliver relevant services across channels.
  • Reduce complexity and derive efficiency benefits through standardized operations and process ownership.

In emerging markets, banks need to focus on innovation to tap new opportunities for growth and maintain cost leadership.

  • Drive service innovation and convenience to leverage non-traditional models and scalable operations to cater to the growing numbers of middle-class and high-net-worth customers
  • Optimize processes and improve time to market to maintain margins as well as grow market share
    and profits
  • Examine and understand existing and emerging risk factors and invest accordingly so that opportunities for rapid growth may take precedence over appreciation of risk.
  • Establish process ownership to maintain cost leadership and avoid complexity in operations

Whether they operate in growth or major markets, banks around the world are facing new pressures and prerogatives. Concentrix offers solutions for both. We draw on deep industry experience and broad process expertise to help many of the world’s leading banks become more customer-centric, reduce complexity and manage risk. Learn more about how we can help your banking enterprise.

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