A key question for any business, no matter the industry sector, is how to create and keep long-term customer relationships? Only by solving this can we ensure that our business will survive into the future.

At Concentrix, we see long-term relationships as the result of an holistic approach to customer engagement. Central to this is listening to the voice of the customer and interacting at a level which takes their requirements and feedback on-board. Like any relationship, it can only survive where there is mutual respect, recognition and trust; each of these need to be reinforced through each stage of the customer lifecycle.

How do we Build Long Term Relationships?

When we asked ourselves this question, the answer was that we build long term relationships through everything we do. Part of our success has been a direct result of the long term relationships we have built with not only our clients and their customers but with our suppliers, partners, employees, employers and colleagues also.

Using our 3 Vs to guide our business philosophy and practices every day allows us to build these mutually beneficial relationships by focusing us on ensuring we’re providing visibility into our activities and results, we’re acting with a sense of urgency and we’re always committed to delivering value in everything we do.

Build Relationships via Acquisition

The key to building long term relationships via acquisition is to approach each selling opportunity as a chance to truly connect with and understand the needs of the prospective customer. Many of our clients’ sales processes are complex and require multiple interactions to build an understanding of the prospect’s business challenge and their buying process. Our proven sales processes allow our sales experts to focus on growing their relationship with your prospective customer and in doing so, building your prospect’s confidence in your brand. Our technology does the rest.

Concentrix acquisition programs:

• Accelerate communications through the sales cycle
• Build stronger, one-on-one relationship with prospects and convert them to customers
• Provide for continuous learning and improvement
• Keep your brand top of mind during the buying process

Build Relationships via Support

At Concentrix, our focus on building relationships is by providing intelligent customer engagement whether your customer’s needs are for product information, placing an order or for a billing inquiry.

Concentrix provides support 24/7, 365 days a year around the globe – wherever your customers are, whenever they need assistance and in the languages they are comfortable speaking. Because customers demand highly professional support on their terms, Concentrix provides omni-channel support including: Phone, Email, Chat, Web Self-Service, Social Media.

Our customer engagement strategies are designed to maximize the value of every customer interaction. This means incorporating your organizational culture, your brand values, and the rigorous training, quality standards and technical skills you would demand of your own employees.

Build Relationships via Renewal

In our experience we’ve found that many companies are missing out on future revenue due to the challenges they or their outsource partners face in effectively and efficiently managing long-term customer relationships.

Our renewals experts will work with you to understand your business processes and configure our RenewalsManager technology and services to fit your business needs. The result? Longer-term relationships with your customers and more revenue for your company.

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