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Ten Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Today’s digital world has brought to light how using social media can really change how and where your organisation operates. However, there is little room for mistakes- here are my top ten tips to help you on your way:

Firstly, don’t assume that social media doesn’t apply to your business, there is no doubt that your customers, your employees, your competition, and many other major stakeholders are on social media. You can use these platforms to target all of these stakeholders, under one ‘roof’.
Now that we have established that you should be using social media channels- the next question is which ones? Like any other aspect of business you NEED a strategy, who do you want to engage with? Which social media sites are you mostly likely to engage with these users on? Do your research and plan, plan, plan!
Remember, most social media strategies are “slow starts”. You must create realistic goals and targets, and it is unlikely that you will become a success overnight, butif you stick to your strategy and meet your goals, you will be successful long term..
Like any other aspect of your business – you should be measuring your successes. This applies to social media too – is your engagement rising or falling? Which campaigns are creating the most reach? Analyse your insights and adjust your tactics accordingly.
Be social on social media- always responds to your followers’ comments, good or bad. Engaging with your followers is key to creating online relationships.
Be careful- talk less and listen more. Do not force your opinions onto others, analyse the feedback they provide you with and use this to your advantage.
When posting on social media keep it ‘short & sweet’, ensure your content will be […]

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Delivering a Great Customer Experience – It’s all about Context

There’s no such thing as the “right customer experience.”  Every customer of every business has his or her own perceptions of good/right experience expectations and even those expectations may vary based on an infinite set of variables like time of day, day of week, mood, outcome of last meeting, weather – you can probably name many more.  So attempting to anticipate every specific customer’s expectations is a fruitless effort.

Customer expectations are all about context.  And smart businesses spend their time understanding the context in which they do business.  Context is something they can control.  It’s driven by their brand, their products or services, by their delivery environment, by their target market and their pricing.  The “ecosystem” these factors create, set the stage or context for their customers’ expectations of a great experience.

When a business conducts a transaction with a customer, they enter an agreement.  Some agreements are very specifically defined and documented and others are implied.  But they all have three dimensions in common:

Contextual Test

How much effort did it take to get the outcome (product or service or solution) the customer was looking for?
Was it a reasonable amount of effort?  Did it meet the agreed upon expectation?

How long did it take to get it?
Was it a reasonable amount of time?

Did it meet the agreed upon expectation?

Did the result deliver what was promised?
Was there a clear understanding of the promised result?

Did it meet the agreed upon expectation?


An obvious example is a fast food restaurant.  Their industry category sets the stage for customer expectations about product and service quality.  Their delivery environment and business model requires that they focus on fast delivery of product and low cost.  Their target market consists of individuals who are looking […]

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I think it is fair to say that a substantial amount of money is spent around the world in customer focus groups, market research and marketing campaigns that are all spurred with the hope of better understanding the “customer.” Who are these elusive creatures that we are spending so much money to learn more about? Why can’t we lock down what they want and how they buy?

Look around you…look in the mirror…stop the presses, you have found the customer! It’s amazing how many hoops we jump through to try and get closer to our target market and find that magic pill to increase sales by 40%, but just like diets, the magic pill doesn’t exist. The good news is that the customer is alive and well…we have dinner with them, celebrate birthdays, talk to them on forums, buy from them and sit next to them on planes. We are making our jobs too complicated.

When you pause for a moment and think about the most amazing buying experience you have had, what comes to mind? You probably are not thinking of an experience that was solely based on price…did it involve a delightful sales person? Were your expectations exceeded? Did they know all about you before you started shopping in their store or on their website? Did they have your back in a way you didn’t expect? I am guessing it involves some if not all of those things that made it a memorable experience.

I am a fairly frugal person – I use coupons when I can, I like deals and I like to save money. I am always […]


Concentrix and Cisco Win Outsourcing Partnership Award
at 2014 EMEA Contact Center World
BELFAST – 18 July, 2014 – During the recent Contact Center World gala party held on 27 June in Lisbon, contact center industry leaders from Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) were recognised for their best practices in outsourcing. The honourees included Concentrix Corporation and Cisco Systems, which jointly received the gold award for best outsourcing partnership. Contact Center World is the global association representing contact center best practices and networking.

Together, the EMEA teams from Concentrix and Cisco support frontline technical and non-technical support for Cisco’s customers, partners and employees. Using a blended delivery model across multiple locations, the partners provide consistent, high-quality online and phone customer service, as well as multi-lingual support.

“This industry award is evidence of our ability to jointly deliver a world-class customer experience,” said Valerie Sujobert, Service Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc. “I believe the success of the Concentrix/Cisco relationship is based upon our shared values of trust, respect, innovation and a desire to win.”

“Over the past two years, we have worked to significantly expand our footprint, from a single location in Northern Ireland to five sites globally, all whilst maintaining excellence in customer experience and consistency of processes and delivery,” explained Philip Cassidy, Senior Vice President of Concentrix. Since 2003, the Concentrix/Cisco team has grown twenty-five fold.

In announcing the 2014 EMEA winners, Raj Wadhwani, President of ContactCenterWorld.com noted, “The best of the best were amazing and inspiring, and so much was shared that everyone walked away with hundreds of best-practice ideas.”

The Contact Center World winners will share their best practices on 10-14 November, at the ninth annual Global Best in the World conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About Concentrix
Concentrix Corporation, […]


Strong Growth and Execution Across All Business Units Drove Record Q2 Results
FREMONT, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE:SNX), a leading business process services company, today announced financial results for the fiscal second quarter ended May 31, 2014.

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